Top 10 Yogi Berra Quotes of All-time

A legend died yesterday. If you don’t know, his name was Yogi Berra.

He was a 15 time All -Star. MVP of the American league three times. Won World Series as a manager in the National and American leagues. And he appeared in 21 World Series, winning 13 of them.

He grew up in an Italian neighborhood of St. Louis called “The Hill” and fought in World War II as a Gunners Mate in the U.S. Navy.

Even though he dropped out of school in the 8th grade, that never stopped him from dropping serious jewels of knowledge on the all of us.

I remember being a little kid at baseball camp, seeing his crazy, confusing and paradoxical quotes. It was at that very moment I knew it was okay to be weird, and still be respected and considered a successful adult.

He was a master of hitting bad pitches, which to me, is symbolic to making something out of nothing.

Here are my 10 favorite Yogi Berra isms of All-time:

1.  yogiitaintover

Never give up. Don’t quit. Just because you’re down and out doesn’t mean you can’t make a comeback, because it’s never to late to turn it all around.

A lot of people look at the score board when they’re losing and start thinking real negative thoughts. Especially when they’re losing by a lot.

The secret is to never take the scoreboard seriously. Convince yourself that the comeback will be easy, because with confidence and hard work, it will be.

Some of the best comebacks I’ve ever been a part of started with a simple mental switch. Convincing my team and myself that coming back from a bunch of runs or points is easy and that we’ve done it many times and we will do it again.

Never, under any circumstance count yourself out.




Mental mastery at its finest right here. He couldn’t imagine eating six slices so he asked for them to be cut into four. Genius.

He was a “life hacker” before any stupid hipster coined the phrase.

Just another reminder that you are the master of your own universe. Break the rules and manipulate labels to cater to you and your needs. It works.




Wan’t to learn something? Watch how the greats do it and take notes.



Be yourself, you’re the only one who knows if you’re doing it wrong.



Pretty self explanatory, when you find a fork in road pick it up and take it. Use it to stab an enemy in the eye or to eat your next meal.

Don’t just leave a perfectly good fork, those cost money.



Do you know what the most important part of getting a hit is? It’s knowing you’re going to get one.

Step into the batters box of life, stare the pitcher in the eyes, and shove the ball down his fucking throat.



Have a plan and stick to it. All you have to do is a little something great everyday and you’ll be great for life.



“Good artists copy, great artists steal.” -ME (after I stole that from whoever said it)



Little thing called preparation folks. It’s no coincidence that Yogi out lived all the other Yankee greats. He knew how to master the art of timing.

I hate being late to anything. But I also hate rushing. Rushing makes time move faster, which in turn, makes you grow older quicker.

Ever notice how the mornings before work or school go by very fast and you never have enough time? Yeah, that’s because you’re in a rush to get somewhere. Or as I like to call it, a rush to nowhere.

Take your time. Create some distance.

Want to know one of the best anti-aging secrets? Take your time and slow the clock down. There’s a very good reason turtles out live us all.

You’ll get there when you get there. Only fools rush in.



You don’t have to volunteer information every chance you get. There’s nothing wrong with not knowing things. It takes a wise person to admit when they don’t know something and then ask someone who does. Being stubborn and pretending you know everything will just keep you in the dark on a lot of important information. You’ll only be hurting yourself in the end.

It’s okay to ask for help and it’s okay to look stupid. That’s how you grow.



I know the title of this post says top 10 but I couldn’t leave this one out. It’s also right along the lines of something Yogi would do.

Some of the best hitters I ever played with were very stupid people. What I mean by that is they were simple minded. They weren’t the type to over think anything. They literally had no clue that a slump was even possible and if they ever fell into a funk it wasn’t because they were in a slump it was just because sometimes you make an out a bunch of times in a row.

Don’t over think things. You’re not bad you just ran across a few bad breaks. Chalk it up to the law of averages and carry on.

Closing thoughts

Dear Yogi,

Even though you will be missed, your wisdom will always live on. Because legends never die.

You were the only catcher to ever call a perfect game in the World Series. Who would have thought?

The little short runt who everyone underestimated, is the man with the most World Series rings of all.