Stop saying sorry

People apologize too much. It’s as if they’re sorry for existing.

Their eye contact, their body language, is one big apology.

What are you really sorry for? Being human?

Stop apologizing for things your were born to do.

Guy walking down the street and is in my way, says sorry to me. Why? Why are you sorry?

The street is crowded these things happen. Just move or I will move.

These things comes with the territory.

Your food is crap and you say sorry to the waiter for sending it back. Why are you saying sorry?

They should apologize to you. Stop saying sorry.

Dude walks up to a girl and say “I’m sorry to interrupt you but…”

Really? You’re sorry to tell a female you like her? You’re sorry for the natural feelings inside you?

That’s weak and will get you nowhere.

Stop putting apologetic energy out into the universe.

People should only be allowed to say sorry twice a year. If that.

At least the phrase would have some real meaning.