Water Purifying Straw

This straw is the truth. Filters 250 gallons. Essential addition to any persons survival kit. Want some cool points? Just whip it out in front of a group of people on the street and drink straight out of a puddle. Yes, right there, just like that.

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Sea Aloe Gold

Sea Aloe Gold is one of my favorite supplements. Aloe vera is one of the oldest mentioned plants on record due to its medicinal properties and health benefits. Just how aloe heals the skin it can also heal the stomach. Most people have a compromised gut. Which leads to a whole list of health problems such as improper absorption of nutrients and even auto immune conditions. Aloe kills staph, strep and e. coli; all bacteria that the gut can harbor. Aloe is not only an adaptogen it also enhances the bio-avilability of vitamin c and vitamin e. This plant is serious. Fun fact. Aristotle convinced Alexander the Great to capture the Island of Socotra specifically to gain possession of the precious aloe groves. So the least you can do is a buy a bottle.

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Christopher Ranch Organic Garlic

All garlic is NOT created equal. Many media outlets are now reporting most of our garlic in super markets is imported from China and contains some sort of bleach. This is very bad news because garlic is one of the most medicinal foods on the planet. Many people know how important it is for a strong immune system but few are aware of the powerful effect it can have on libido. A Doctor I’m close with tests supplements and produce and he had Christopher Ranch Garlic as the cleanest and most superior. It’s a family owned business since the 1890’s, when it comes to garlic they do not play around.

$9.00                          Check it out

Barefoot Hiking Boot

Footwear with heels are out. Barefoot is in. Finally a legit barefoot boot. The reason to wear barefoot is very simple. It is the number 1 way to keep yourself pain free. Wearing a heeled boot or dress shoe will leave you with knee, hip and back pain. Simply because it throws your body out of its natural alignment. Finally you can stand and move for hours at a time in true natural comfort, the way nature intended.

$242.00                         Check it out

Tulsi Tea

Tulsi tea. Also known as Holy Basil, because to this day the people in India still pray to it. It’s that God like. Seriously. Tulsi tea gives you energy without caffeine. It strengthens the adrenal glands instead of weakening them like caffeinated beverages. This is one of my secret weapons and the reason I have such a big advantage on my competition. To be honest, I shouldn’t even be sharing it with the public like this.

$12.69                         Check it out

Human Skull Logs

The problem with today is that nobody drinks from the skulls of their dead enemies anymore. Since doing that would be pretty awkward just settle for the next best thing, burning these Myard skull logs made from refractory cement. They can withstand temperatures up to 3,000 degrees fahrenheit.

$69.95                          Check it out